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I'm a French woman, collecting BJD since 2006. I also own 2 OOAK Pure Neemos and a bunch of Monster High waiting for a relooking.
Here, I'll mostly post my own pics and random ramblings.

I will most likely only like other people's posts, unless I'm replying to them.

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"Look what I can do !" on Flickr.

Talulla being adorable.
I rarely take pics of my Lucys but they are still here with me ♥

Faceless on Flickr.

A random pic of Lucid.

Poor guy is still faceless because I don’t know what to do with him. So he’s just sitting here being cute in the meanwhile.



Hello Tumblr! :3

I’ve reached 100 followers a while ago but never got around to say thank you for all of my dear followers. :) Now I would like to make a small giveaway to celebrate this milestone. ^^

I will choose one winner randomly.

Prize: two necklaces, one for you and the same for your doll :) (1/3 size)

I will ship the prize everywhere for free via registered airmail.

How to enter the giveaway

1) There is no need to follow me here on tumblr, but if you wish, you’re welcome. :)

2) You must reblog this post to enter the giveaway. Likes and more reblogs count!

3) The giveaway ends at 6:00 AM September 1st 2014 ( UTC+01:00, Central European Time). I will announce the winner one day after that. ^^

I will contact the winner via tumblr message.

Again, thank you everybody for the support, you really help me a lot. :)

Fight ! on Flickr.

Some dumb pics I took a while ago at a meet (when I still owned my Luna) and forgot about.

The horsewhips are crafted by Nylh.

Please sign and spread the word !

In your hand on Flickr.

This pic is a bit grainy, but I like it.
It was originally taken for someone who wanted to see the scale of a Neemo compared to a human hand^^

Soft Light on Flickr.

Olivia with the previously mentioned outfit.

After a few months not doing stuff with my dolls, I decide to change Olivia’s outfit.

So I open the the box where I storage the MSD clothes and suddenly go “Wow, that’s a lot of MSD clothes”.

(I don’t have that much but I had bought some new stuff I just tried on them and stored, so I almost forgot about it xD)

Happy Easter ! on Flickr.

Via Flickr :
Have a Groseille chilling in the bowl of chocolates my BF left on the table.